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Features & Updates

August 2017 Web and Mobile – Rivalo Social Rivalo has gone Social! Follow us and stay up-to-date with changes, special offers and competitions! International Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – General: @RivaloSports Brazil Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – General: @RivaloSportsBr  Mobile – Special Event information update Special play time, special location or similar important information will be displayed on the Event … Continue reading Features & Updates

Rivalo Champions Challenge 2017 – 100 Days / 100 Prizes

Join the Rivalo Champions Challenge 2017 – 100 days/100 prizes All Rivalo customers rount the world now have the chance to join our brand new Stakerace – called the Rivalo Champions Challenge 2017 – 100 Days / 100 Prizes!  100 days from the 24th of February 2017, the users who click the „JOIN NOW“ button at are starting to collect Rivalo points and … Continue reading Rivalo Champions Challenge 2017 – 100 Days / 100 Prizes

Volleyball – History & Informations

What has initially started with not letting the ball touch the floor in 1895 in Massachusetts has become one of the most popular ball sports worldwide. Due to the volleying nature of the game, the game, originally called “Mintonette”, became known as Volley Ball (originally spelled as two words). On a court that is separated by a net, six players … Continue reading Volleyball – History & Informations

Basketball – News, History & Sports Betting

Sports betting at Rivalo! Are you a fan of exciting, fast and thrilling games? If yes, you have come to the right place as Rivalo offers an extensive sports betting offer in the basketball category. We continuously offer top odds for all big basketball leagues of the world, especially the NBA (National Basketball Association), the BBL (Basketball Bundesliga Germany) and … Continue reading Basketball – News, History & Sports Betting