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Ice Hockey – History, News & Betting

Ice Hockey as such most probably originated in Canada between 1840 and 1875, where the indigenous people knew ball games already at the time of the colonisation of the Europeans, first of the French and then the British. While the term hockey originates from French and means “crooked stick”, it were the British soldiers who brought the game played with … Continue reading Ice Hockey – History, News & Betting

Ice Hockey – History & Informations

Ice hockey – a 60 x 30 meter wide rectangular with rounded corners, surrounded by 1.20 meter high boards, a hockey puck, 12 players equipped with hockey skates and hockey sticks and three referees – is one of the fastest-paced physical team sports in the world. A hockey team consists of 22 players, although only six players per side, usually … Continue reading Ice Hockey – History & Informations