Tournaments in the Rivalo Casino! Compete with other players now!

Tournaments are a popular way of competing with other casino players. The most famous as well as most prestigious tournament in the casino category is the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The tournament looks back on a long history and has its origin in 1949. Far smaller, but as exciting as the tournament in Las Vegas, are the tournaments in the Rivalo Casino!

The Rivalo Casino gives you the chance to compete with other players in the casino on a regular basis and win great trophy money at the same time! Our colorful and energetic video slots offer you a fun way to duel with other players. In general, casino tournaments in the Rivalo Casino offer you fun, excitement and great trophy money! Our tournament calendar shows which tournaments take place, what games are included and when the tournament will start and end. You just have to play the participating games during the tournament period and you will automatically participate in the tournament – it’s that easy!

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How to participate in a casino tournament and win ?

The tournament calendar reveals how many rounds you need to play in order to qualify for victory. Normally 100 rounds have to be played, in order to qualify for the tournament. Usually, tournaments are judged according to the “20 best won rounds” criteria. The player with the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner. In the case that two players have the same points, the player with the higher number of rounds wins. In order to remain up-to-date during the tournament, you can find a list of the top players – the leader board – on the right side in your browser. The winner’s winnings are credited to his account within 24 hours and are subject to the bonus conditions.