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Your Rivalo Customer Service Team – qualified customer service always available
The Rivalo customer support team consists of international and highly motivated staff with many years of experience in the sports betting and always endeavored to offer our customers the service they deserve.
Thus we are able to provide each customer with advice and consulting according to his needs at any time. It does not matter whether a customer is already an “old hand” in sports betting area, or a new customer, who needs explanations to our betting offer, we take good care of everyone! Our employees are specialized in various sports in order to give a qualitative answer even to some very specific questions.
In order for us to be able to respond to your requests as soon as possible, we constantly stay in contact with our bookmakers and the colleagues responsible for deposits and withdrawals. The advantage for you is that we are able to respond to your inquiry within the shortest time.
Of course, our knowledge is not limited only to the sports betting area, the members of Rivalo support team are also well experienced in the casino area, and therefore can provide you with a competent support, which you, as a Rivalo customer, definitely deserve.
All employees of Rivalo customer support team complete regular training courses, which prepare them for any situation possible in the customer support field.
In addition, almost all employees of Rivalo customer support team have worked in the past for other online gaming sites, casinos or betting shops and are therefore familiar with all the problems that can occur.
No matter if it concerns a football team or the Rivalo team, good communication with each other and, above all, good cooperation are the nuts and bolts of any team. For this reason, the Rivalo customer support team is working closely together and hand in hand with all other departments of Rivalo to improve all aspects of our service.
As the customer is always in the center of our activities, we are very grateful to receive any feedback, whether positive or negative. So please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can optimize our service and our offering.

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Your Rivalo Customer Support Team!