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American Football, short Football, has created the biggest and most-viewed sports event on TV. At the Superbowl, which takes place every first Sunday of February, the two best teams of the NFL-Playoffs (National Football League /USA) face each other. In the course of a Football game, which is played in four quarters, both teams, consisting of 11 players each, try to bring the football in the opponent’s end zone (Touchdown) or to score a Field goal, in order to win points. Football is a very tactical, extremely action-packed and physical game and consequently, all players are required to wear protective clothes. Not only the NFL offers exciting games, but also the European leagues yield more and more successful teams, who are fighting for international titles as well. Also the competition of the national clubs at World and European championships offer some room for sporty action and your bets. Do you dare a new First Down? Are you deciding on passing- or profile? Place your bets on your favourites at