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Over 450 million people play basketball worldwide and the number of fans as well as active players is continuously rising. Being an insider, you certainly know that LA Lakers Star Kobe Bryant has set a milestone in season 2014/2015 as he beat all-time great Michael Jordan in the point table of the NBA by scoring two free throws in the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves and now ranks third with 32.203 points (date Jan. 2015) in this important ranking. The only drop of bitterness is that his Lakers are not really in the race for the title anymore. The bookmakers at Rivalo have set the NBA-Champions odd for the Los Angeles Lakers at 400. The San Antonio Spurs or the Cleveland Cavaliers with their returnee superstar Lebron James are ranked higher. The four-times MVP (Most valuable player) and two-times NBA-champion with the Miami Heat, should bring the first NBA title to his hometown. According to the odds at Rivalo, the chances for either of the teams to win the title are not bad, as the respective title win of the teams offers an odd of 4.50. A former NBA champion with a new name are the Oklahoma City Tunder. When the Seattle Supersonics was founded in the early 70ies, they could shortly after celebrate their first victory (1979). Since the relocation to Oklahoma in 2008, a new name was assumed and a future superstar, Kevin Durant (best player on the youth transfer list), was drafted. Kevin Durant, an Olympic champion, 5-times All Star player and NBA-final participant by now, should also lead Oklahoma into the final this year. Offering an odd of 10.0, the team is a further hot tip to win the championship. Be it in the halls, in front of the TV or via Internet live streams, the interest of the fans for basketball has been increasing yearly.

The leagues outside the USA profit from the spectacular and exciting games of the NBA as well, as the quality of the remaining countries increases from year to year. It is therefore unsurprisingly that the last opponents of the US-American national team in the finals of Olympia or world championships were the three European nations, Spain, Serbia and France. As the big European basketball teams usually come from big European football clubs, Real Madrid is, like in football, the big favourite to win the Europe league (Basketball Europe Cup) and offers an odd of 2.90. The bookmakers at Rivalo, however, have other top clubs on their list as well. The first follower is the Russion ZSKA Moscow, offering an odd of 3.20, followed by Regal Barcelona, which offers and odd of 5.00. If you think that a team from the German BBL (Basketball Bundesliga) wins, your stake is multiplied by an odd of 400.

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