The 2014 World Cup at Rivalo

The kickoff of the football World Cup in Brazil is approaching, and everyone who is interested in football is very much looking forward to the sporting event of the year 2014. Also we at Rivalo are looking forward to exciting games with beautiful goals and emotional moments in full stadiums in a stunning country with soccer-mad people.
Of course, in the last few weeks we have been everything else but not idle, because on the occasion of the World Cup we want to offer our customers an unforgettable experience with the comprehensive betting offer and typical for Rivalo highly attractive odds. While we don’t want yet to reveal everything, as we are preparing a surprise for our customers, but one thing we can already proudly promise: during the World Cup in Brazil friends of the sport betting at Rivalo will cover their expenses!!
So for each single World Cup game we will provide you with a huge betting offer, including before the match and live, and already now the customers can place a bet on the next World Champion, the group winnerthe best scorer, from which continent the World Champion will come from, and many other, amomg them also not so common bets in relation to the World Cup. Prior to or during the World Cup itself, Rivalo customers can enjoy different promotions, which will offer something for everyone.
So much for now concerning the World Cup on Rivalo, but what now the football world is expecting in the host country of the World Cup (and what about the title chances of the individual participants)?
First, it’s a huge country with different climates, mega-cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia or Belo Horizonte, but also vast untouched landscapes such as the Amazonia, and especially an extremely soccer-loving population that is composed of people of all skin and hair colors.
The whole Brazilian nation expects from its Seleção at the World Championships at home nothing less than “o hexa”, the sixth title. Everything else would be considered by the Brazilians as a big disappointment and would cast a shadow over the World Cup at home, no matter what else is going on in the stadiums and in the cities.
The fact that the team of Luis Felipe Scolari is under a tremendous pressure due the high expectations from the whole country already before the World Cup even started, is obvious.
From an objective point of view, the chances that the Seleção, since 1978 in Argentina, as a host country will actually get the title, are not so low, and also by the bookmakers of Rivalo you will find Brazil right on the top among bets for the new World Champion . So in the history of the football World Cup only once a European team, namely Spain, won the title outside of Europe at the last World Cup in South Africa, and in the previous World Championships held in South America in the end only teams from South America won.
This time considering such circumstances like, for example, different climates from tropical hot climate with high humidity in the northeast of Brazil, through rainforest climate in Manaus to temperate climates in the southeast, should the South American teams in general, and Brazilian Seleção especially, cope better than the teams from Europe, which was the case at the Confederations Cup last year.
Also the vast distances between the different venues, from Manaus in the heart of the Amazonia to Porto Alegre close to the borders with Argentina and Uruguay, almost 5000 km are likely to cause one or the other team problems.
So, for example, must the US Boys team as well as Croatian or French teams travel from one venue to another, and the overall distances might reach up to 5000 km.
By contrast, the Belgians traded as a secret favorite, will only have to travel about 700 km, which they will probably do by bus.
Despite some undoubtedly advantageous local circumstances for Brazil and other South American teams – of which with six as many as never take part in a World Cup – it’s of course anything but fix that one or even two teams – as very much wanted is such a finale between the two archrivals Brazil and Argentina by the football fans in both countries – from South America will also actually be on 13th of July 2014 at the Finale in the legendary Maracana stadium of Rio de Janeiro So not only the experts at Rivalo mean that both Argentina and Brazil already went into the World Cup with stronger teams, and while for the Seleção in the last two World Cups the quarter-final was already the end, since the Albiceleste played in finale in 1990, it did not even come through the quarter-finals in the World Cup since then.
Anyway, we will analyze the chances of winning of the two South American football giants and all other favorites for the title at a slightly later time in more detail.
Until then we would like to suggest again to browse through the World Cup betting offer on Rivalo and to place first bets on your World Cup favorites…
We wish you every success in your World Cup betting and remain with a “Viva o Brasil, viva o futebol”!