4th match day of the EURO 2016 qualification

Who will overwinter on the top of the standings?

The fourth match day of the EURO 2016 qualification is taking place from November 14 until November 16. Numerous surprising results caused many unpredictable rankings in various groups. We here at Rivalo are therefore giving you an overview of the odds for the top games of the 4th match day as well as of our extensive betting offer for all games of the current qualification. Become an EURO 2016 specialist and place your bets on your favourites!

Italy – Croatia (16.11.14, 20:45 CET)

Italy, as well as Croatia, is undefeated in this qualification for the Football European Championship 2016 and can be found on the top of the standings with nine points. The Croats even have a clean sheet as none of their opponents has been able to score a goal yet, making the team of Croatian the number one of the standings due to a better goal difference in group H. The winner of this match between the two favourites can therefore get a leg-up. Looking at the past five duels between those two teams, the Croats were able to win three times and the remaining games ended in a draw. Consequently, the odds at Rivalo for this game are rather balanced. The victory of the Squadra Azzurra offers an odd of 2.10, while the win of Niko Kovac’s team offers an odd of 3.50. A draw offers an odd of 3.30. Will the Italians win their first game since 1942 (unofficial friendly) against the Croatian squad?

Switzerland – Lithuania (14.11.14, 20:45 CET)

The Nati scored their first three points in the third round of this qualification. After 90 minutes a 4:0 against San Marino was entered on the official game report. Lithuania, on the other side, started successfully into this qualification and scored six points up to now. They were first defeated in the match against Slovenia. The Swiss have to score three points in order for them to keep pace with the top of the ranking, England. The bookmakers of Rivalo see the Swiss team as the clear favourite in the game against Lithuania, setting the odd for a Swiss win at 1.22. If, however, the Lithuanians are able to steal one point, your stake is multiplied by a factor of 6. A Lithuanian win offers an odd of 13.00. Is the Nati able to win in front of their home crowd?

Who scores the final points in the football year 2014?

Turkey – Kazakhstan (13.10.14, 20:45 CET)

Turkey can be found at the bottom of the group and welcomes the team of Kazakhstan on the fourth matchday. The Turks were able to win all of the last duels against Kazakhstan by far. The Kazakhs, who were able to score one point only until now as well and are only placed ahead of Turkey due to a better goal difference, do not have anything to lose. The Turks, on the other hand, have to meet their target called “qualification” and this means place one or two in group A. These places, however, are not occupied by the Netherlands or Turkey, but by the team of the hour, Iceland. With victories over the Netherland, Turkey and Latvia, the team of Iceland, together with the team of the Czech Republic, is placed on top without any goal against. The odds at Rivalo speak for themselves and see the Turkish team as the clear favourite in this game against Kazakhstan. A victory of the half-moon stars offers an odd of 1.20, while the win of Kazakhstan offers an odd of 14.00. If the game ends in a draw, the odd is set at 6.50. Will this game be the beginning of the Turkish comeback?

Georgia – Poland (14.11.14, 18:00 CET)

Poland is this round’s guest in Georgia or better said, the head of the group D is facing place five. After a victory over the new world champion Germany and the UEFA-newcomer Gibraltar, Poland scored a draw against Scotland. If the Polish team wins this match against Georgia, who have only won one game against Gibraltar so far, as well, the team will be the leader of the rankings over the winterbreak. Consequently, Poland will do everything to win this game and the bookmakers of Rivalo, who have set the odds for the match between Georgia and Poland as follows, support this: A Polish victory offers an odd of 1.95 and a draw offers an odd of 3.20. If, however, the Georgians win, the odd is set at 4.20. Can the Polish defend the top of the standings?

Austria – Russia (15.11.14, 18:00 CET)

Group G’s top of the ranking after three match days is not Sweden nor Russia, but Austria. A small side note: Austria is the only European national team that is undefeated so far in 2014. The Russians, who have not lost any of their qualification games as well, do not come to Austria in order for them to continue the statistics of the Austrians, but in order to overwinter on top of the rankings. The Austrians have received really bad news on their sides: FC Bayern all-rounder David Alaba is forced to pause for two month due to a knee injury. Consequently, Austria has to face the Russian team without their biggest star. Can the Russians use this in their favour or will Austria stay undefeated? According to the odds at Rivalo, the Russian team is seen as the favourite, offering an odd of 2.60. The victory of Austria offers an odd of 2.80 and a draw offers an odd of 3.10. Who will score three points in Vienna?

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