Africa Cup 2015

Africa Cup of Nations 2015

African Football-Championship 2015 in Equatorial Guinea

On January 17 2015 the starting whistle of the 30th Africa Cup of Nations, hosted by the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF), is blown. The sixteen best national teams of Africa are competing for the crown of the African football until February 8. After the cancellation of the initial hosting country Morocco due to the Ebola epidemic, Equatorial Guinea was chosen to be the new host. Who will be the successor of the 2013 champion Nigeria, who did not qualify for this year’s tournament, and will win the title of the Africa Cup 2015? Côte d’Ivoire, Algeria, Ghana or the 2013 final participant Burkina Faso? We here at Rivalo are offering a preview and an overview of our extensive betting offer with our usual attractive odds for the African Football Championship 2015!

Who will be Nigeria’s successor?

Two years have past since the last Africa Cup. Back then, Nigeria won the title without losing any of their games in the final against the surprising team from Burkina Faso. Nigeria, normally a constant participant in football events, is darned to watch this year as they could only celebrate a small number of triumphs during the qualifications to this year’s African championship and so it came with no surprise that they missed the final stage in autumn 2014. The Africa Cup 2015 was about to be cancelled due to the dramatic Ebola epidemic in Africa and the corresponding high risk of infection at such huge events. Consequently, Morocco refused the holding in autumn 2014 and is therefore suspended for the next tournaments. Equatorial Guinea stepped in as the knight in shining armour. Although the country was blocked during the qualification for the African Cup due to the deployment of Thierry Fidjeu Tazameta, who was not allowed to play, the players of the host country can yet again lace their shoes and participate in the final stage.
The playing mode used in the African Cup can be compared to the one used in the European football championship, in which four groups with four teams each play against each other followed by the knock-out phase, in which the African master 2015 is determined.The bookmakers at Rivalo have already prepared the odds for the winner of the African Cup 2015 and the roles of the favourites of this year’s African championship have already been assigned as well. Besides the usual suspects like the Côte d’Ivoire or Ghana, the surprising team of the World Cup 2014 Algeria and last cup’s finalist Burkina Faso are likely to play a big role in this year’s racing for the title. The odd for the victory of the elephants of the Côte d’Ivoire with the star players Yaya (Manchester City), Kolo Touré (FC Liverpool) and Saydou Doumbia (CSKA Moscow) is set at 5.00, closely followed by the team from Algeria with the in Europe highly desired world cup star Sofiane Féghouli (FC Valencia), offering an odd of 6.00. Your stake is multiplied by 8 if the team of Ghana, with their new coach Avram Grant, but without their stars Kevin Price Boateng or Sulley Muntari, who were suspended due to disciplinary reasons during the world cup 2014 and not convened back in the team since then, wins.
Further joint favourites for the title 2015 are Tunisia and the team of the German old hand coach Voker Finke, Cameroon. Both teams offer an odd of 10.00. More than an outside chance is given to the team of Burkina Faso. The team with the European legionnaires Bakary Koné (Olympique Lyon) and Jonathan Zongo (UD Almeria) offers an odd of 20.00 on Keep in mind that the hosting country is driven to peak performances due to the home advantage and therefore, the victory of Equatorial Guinea offers an odd of 30.00.

Who scores the first point in the tournament?

You cannot only place your bets on the overall winner, but also on the opening match of the African Cup 2015. As usual, the hosting country has the honour of opening the tournament and is facing the Republic of Congo in the first game of the tournament. The odds for this game on Rivalo are rather balanced and are predicting an exciting game. If the home advantage has a bearing on the first encounter and brings Equatorial Guinea a victory, then your stake is doubled. The victory of Congo, on the other side, offers an odd of 4.00 and a draw offers an odd of 3.00. Use your knowledge of football and place your bets on your favourite.
Take your time and take a look at our extensive betting offer with attractive odds for the African cup 2015. Besides long-term bets, combination- and single bets you also have the possibility to increase the level of excitement of each game and use the live betting offer during the games of the African championship 2015. We here at Rivalo wish you an exciting and successful Africa Cup 2015!