EURO 2016 Qualifier Kick-Off

Road to France

The World Cup wind down means the EURO 2016 gear-up! After exciting and entertaining matches and the new World Champion Germany, the World Cup 2014 has ended, but the ball is already rolling towards the next mega event. On September 7 the European football nations are starting the next and eagerly anticipated qualification. It’s time to lace the football shoes for the Qualification of the EURO 2016, the European Football Championship 2016 in France. A total of 53 teams will chase 23 finals places to join host France (instead of 16). The tickets for the final stages of the UEFA EURO 2016 will be played off during the upcoming 18 months within nine groups. We here at Rivalo already have outlined the upcoming games of the Euro qualification in our extensive betting offer with attractive odds:
Group A:
The Netherlands is, besides Turkey and the Czech Republic, the clear aspirant for one of the finals places in France. The further opponents within the group, Kazakhstan, Iceland and Latvia only have outside chances to be placed within the top 3 and consequently, the bookmakers at Rivalo see the Netherlands ahead in the ranking, offering an odd of 1.22. If, however, Turkey is able to surprise everyone and wins this group, Rivalo offers a top-odd of 7.00.
Group B:
Group B is led by the World Cup quarter finalist Belgium, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, who have already failed in the preliminary rounds. The two teams offer an odd of 1.40 and 4.00 respectively and are therefore, the top favourites to win first place in group B. Israel follows with a clear distance and a remarkable odd of 25. Favour Outsider bets? How about Wales with Gareth Bale, Cyprus or Andorra? Put your money on Andorra and your stake will be multiplied by a factor of 1000 if they succeed to win the group.
Group C:
If Spain, the defending European champion of 2012, is able to live down the disgrace of this year’s World Cup and regain their old strengths, the qualifying within group C for the EURO 2016 will be plain sailing. The Ukraine and Slovakia are probably the toughest nuts to crack. Belarus, Macedonia and Luxemburg are not likely to take part in the battle for the top 3 of the group. Nevertheless, placing your bet on Ukraine to be the winner of group C would multiply your stake by a factor of 10 at
Group D:
Ireland and Poland will face Germany, the new World Champion 2014, in the Group DQualifier. Germany is, as usual, the top aspirant to win the European Championship 2016 and therefore, the group phase will only serve as warm up for Jogi Löw’s team as Scotland, Georgia and Gibraltar are not the toughest rivals for the German World Champions. Is the Polish team around the new signing of Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski able to stand up to Germany? The bookmakers at Rivalo allocate Poland a top odd of 10.0 and the Irish are offering a remarkable odd of 15.0.
Group E:
The main battle in group E is most likely to be between Switzerland, one of the ascender of the past few months, and England, especially due to the team’s disastrous appearance at this year’s World Cup. England will enter the qualifications for the EURO 2016 with a totally retreaded team. Estonia, Lithuania and San Marino are unlikely to loom large in the battle for the participation in the European Championship. Solely Slovenia, offering an odd of 17.0, is given a small outsider chance by the bookmakers of Rivalo.
Group F:
The group including Greece, Romania and Hungary seems to be an exciting matter. The bookmakers at Rivalo have set attractive odds for all teams as Group F is rather balanced. Greece, offering an odd of 2.20, is closely followed by Romania offering an odd of 3.20 and Hungary with an odd of 5.00. All teams are promising a thrilling battle for the first place of the group. Finland, offering a top odd of 10.0, and Northern Ireland, with a winning odd of 35.0, are two further unpredictable opponents in this group. As often it is the case, the role of the rank outsider is again given to the Faroese, offering an amazing odd of 1000.
Group G:
Suspense is also bound to occur in Group G. Russia, Sweden and Austria will leave no remedy untried in order to claim their spot on the top of the rankings of Group G. While World Cup participant Russia is leading in the odd-rankings with an odd of 1.80, Sweden follows with an odd of 3.00 and Austria offers an odd of 9.00. Montenegro is the most feared outsider in this group. England’s horror of last year’s qualification for the 2014’s World Cup, is starting the race with a top odd of 10.0. Moldavia and Liechtenstein are likely to be left standing.
Group H:
After a muffed World Cup 2014, the Squadra Azzurra is fully motivated and is entering the EURO 2016 qualifier with a new coach, previous Juventus three-times champions-coach Antonio Conte. Croatia and Norway are the most dangerous opponents on the way to France 2016. The Rivalo bookmakers see Italy clearly on top of the rankings with an odd of 1.40. The Croatians follow with an odd of 4.00 and Norway offers an odd of 15.0. Little or no chances to win first place in group H are given to Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Malta. The small island country is even offering a top odd of 1000 at
Group I:
The favourite of the only group with five teams in this qualification, Group I, is Portugal. The team around CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo, offers an odd of 1.50. The challengers Denmark and Serbia are offering remarkable odds of 4.00 and 7.00 respectively. Only a small chance within group I is given to Armenia and Albania. In short, there will be no way around Portugal as the winner of Group I and their seventh qualification for an European Championship.
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