The favorites of the World Cup 2014, through the group winner to the Title?

After that we have recently discussed here FIFA World Cup 2014 in general, we would like to dedicate ourselves to the favorites for the title as well as the individual groups.
On the odds scale for the next World Champion the bookmakers of Rivalo see Brazil, which is the host country, with an odd of 4.0, closely followed by Argentina with an odd of 6, Germany with 6.5, the titleholder Spain with 7.0 and the secret favorite Belgium within respectful distance and an odd of 20,0. At the other end of the odds scale for the next World Champion you will find Iran, Costa Rica and Algeria with an odd of 2000 each, as well as the bottom Honduras with a remarkable odd of 3000.
In addition to the bets on the next World Champion, the friends of sports betting at Rivalo can of course also bet on whether a team gets into finale, or will be among four best ones, meaning will get into semi-finals.
Moreover, already now Rivalo offers additional, from well-known to not ordinary, (special) bets on all participating in the World Cup teams.
The fact that by the bookmakers of Rivalo both South American football giants are at the front by bet on the next World Champion, is not really surprising. For it is assumed that the South American teams in general and Seleção in particular due to the geographic and climatic occurrences on the site – more details in this regard can be found here (link to other footer text) – have a certain advantage over other, in the tournaments participating teams, especially the European ones.
Accordingly, also other South American teams are to be found by Rivalo relatively far in front among the bets on the next World Champion, for example, Uruguay with an odd of 25, Columbia, when the top striker Radamel Falcao will be able to play again after his current state, with an odd of 40, and Chile, which has defeated England in Wembley not too long ago, and brought Germany to the edge of defeat, with an odd of 45.
However, this doesn’t automatically mean that on the 13th of July in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Argentina will actually compete with each other, especially since the Seleção will be under the corresponding pressure at the home World Championship, and the Argentinians never got through to the quarter-finals since World Championship in 1990.
As a result, by the bet on from which Continental Federation will be the next World Champion, the representatives of UEFA in comparison to the representatives of the South American Football Association CONMEBOL are a step ahead.
As for the European teams, both by the bookmakers of Rivalo as well as by the other experts, apart from Belgium, all the usual favorites have a chance to get a World Champion title.
So would Germany, which in the previous tournament lost out in the crucial games, be again ready for the title, Spain with its golden generation, some players of which however have already passed their peak, with a fourth victory in a row at major events could already write history, and the completely renewed team of Italians would dream to catch up with Brazil by World Cup Titles.
High underdog chances are granted by Rivalo bookmakers to the following European teams: France, which qualified only with a great effort and in the last moment;
Portugal with its super star Cristiano Ronaldo, who by the bet on the top scorer of the Wold Cup is among the top 3 on the Netherlands which burn for revenge for the lost finals four years ago, as well as England, provided the Three Lions won´t fail again on the penalties. The World Cup participants from other continental federations are found relegated to the rear positions by the bet on the next World Champion. The most promising candidate from this circle with an odd of 120 is still Mexico, followed by Ivory Coast with 170 and Japan with an odd of 180.
But it doesn’t always have to be a bet on the new World Champion, by Rivalo among other things customers can also bet on which team from a certain continental federation performs best in comparison to the other teams from this federation.These types of bets as well as similar, with some very attractive odds, you can find in the World Cup section on under Tournament bets – Continental federations.
So much for the favorites to win the Word Cup title and the betting offer on Rivalo, but how are the favorites roles’ distributed among the eight World Cup groups?
In the group A the host country Brazil encounters Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon. According to Rivalo bookmakers, there is no doubt of the victory of Brazil.
The second place in this group will be matched by Croatia and Mexico, according to the relevant odds. Cameroon, however, will only be granted the underdog chances for the rise into the second round. The odds for the group games in the Group A are to be found here.
In the group B, probably one of the strongest groups, Spain and Netherlands as the two finalists of the last World Cup will be competing with Chile and Australia.By the bet on the group winner Spain is in front, closely followed by the Netherlands, and already with some respectful distance Chile, which, however, played a very good qualification and was very convincing in the friendlies.
The Australians will most likely have to pack their suitcases, at least according to the odds on Rivalo, after the group stage. Such a fate could incidentally threaten also latest in the round of the last sixteen the titleholder Spain, the Netherlands or even the host country Brazil. Because if everything goes as expected, two of the three mentioned teams will be facing each other already in the round of the last sixteen… All the odds for the group games in the Group B are to be found here.
At the first glance the most balanced World Cup group in Brazil is the Group C with Columbia, Ivory Coast, Japan and Greece. By the bet on the group winner at least the bookmakers of Rivalo see Columbia clearly far in front with an odd of 1,8.The following are the Ivory Coast with 4,5, Japan with 5,0 and far behind Greece, which could qualify for most major events, however, except for the triumph at Euro 2004 in Portugal, never got through the preliminaries, with an odd of 9,0.
The odds for the group games in the Group C can be found here.
A still very difficult group is the group D with Italy, Uruguay, England and Costa Rica.The Central Americans are from the very beginning likely to have little or no chances for the victory in this group, although it is known that in football everything is possible. The other three teams that all have been already a World Champion once, are located very close to each other by the bet on the group winner, however, at least the bookmakers of Rivalo see Italy in front of Uruguay and England. Will the Three Lions actually have to go home after the first round? All the odds for the games in the Group D are to be found here.
Pretty clear seems at first glance the starting position in the Group E, with France, Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras. The fact that bythe bet on the group winner the French with an odd of 1,65 are considered to be favorites should be hardly surprising, thereafter followed with relatively tight distance by the Switzerland with an odd of 4,0 and Ecuador with 5,0.
The Hondurans, who for the second time in a row participate in the World Cup and weren’t bad at all in South Africa, will be granted by Rivalo only the underdog chances with an odd of 30,0. The odds for all the games in the Group E are to be found here.
More than clear is the favorite for the group winner in the Group F with Argentina, which will compete with the World Cup newcomer Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nigeria and Iran. In the battle for the second place the bookmakers of Rivalo see the Bosnians with an odd of 8,00 before Nigeria with an odd of 10,0, and far behind Iran with an odd of 40,0. Who from the Group F will accompany Argentina in the second round? All the odds for the games in the Group F are to be found here.
Quite interesting situations arise in the Group G, where Germany, Portugal, USA and Ghana will compete with each other. So the former German team manager Juergen Klinsmann, who granted the country the so called “Sommermärchen” during the home World Championship in 2006, meanwhile trains the USA and the Boateng-Brothers Jerome and Kevin Prince will compete against each other in the duel Ghana vs. Germany.
As for the bet on the group winner, the situation for the bookmakers of Rivalo is pretty clear: for the victory of the Germans there is an odd of 1,5, for Portuguese the relevant odd increases to 3,5, with a respective distance follows Ghana with an odd of 13,0 and USA with 15,0. Nevertheless, Juergen Klinsmann is known to have proven that with his motivation arts he can push a team to the peak performances by the World Cup… The odds for the games in the Group G are to be found here.
Also relatively clear for Rivalo bookmakers and other experts is the starting position in the Group H, where Belgium, Russia, South Korea and Algeria will compete with each other. By the bet on the winner in this group, Belgium, who in general is considered to be the secret favorite for the World Cup title, with an odd of 1,65 is not likely to be outpaced by any other team in this group. Then follows the Sbornaja coached by Fabio Capello team with an odd of 2,90, then South Korea within respectful distance and an odd of 9,00, and far behind Iran with an odd of 30,0. The odds for the games in the Group H are to be found here.
These have been the eight World Cup groups and their favorites from the point of view of Rivalo bookmakers. Finally, we would like once again to remind you that already now there is a wide betting offer for the World Cup available on Rivalo, wich will be extended the closer World Cup will be approaching. So you can place a bet on your favorites by the World Cup already today…
We wish you every success in your World Cup betting, “Viva o Brasil, viva o futebol”!