The Final of the Formular One season 2014

Double points at the last Grand Prix of the year in Abu Dhabi – Hamilton or Rosberg?

For the first time in the history of the Formula One world championship, double points are awarded to all rankings in the final. This means that the winner of the last race of the 65th Formula One season gets 50 instead of 25 points. Bernie Ecclestone’s stroke of genius panned out and the tension is therefore kept until the very last minute. Not until the very last race of the season, which was dominated by Marcedes, the world champion will be elected. The constructor’s title has already been awarded to the silver arrows, but who will win the title of the racer? We here at Rivalo are giving you an overview of the odds for the last race of the formula one season and are offering you an extensive betting offer with the usual attractive odds. “Start your engines” and place your bets on your favourite!

Silver Arrows among themselves…

The Yas-Marina-Circuit of Abu Dhabi is this year’s venue of the Formula One season final 2014. Last year, Sebastian Vettel won the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi as the clear (four-times) world champion. This year, however, the bolides of the Red Bull family could not keep pace with the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team and therefore, it is unsurprisingly that Sebasitan Vettel has not won any race this year. Due to the dominance of Mercedes, who scored one record after another, only two racers, of this particular team, are still up for the title after a long season and 18 driven races: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.
Hamilton, world-champion of 2008 and 10-times Grand Prix-winner of this season, has an edge of 17 points for the last race. His toughest opponent, as previously mentioned, is from the same racing team and is called Nico Rosberg. The German won five races this season and came second, believe it or not, ten times. The two Red Bull Racing pilots Daniel Ricciardi and Sebastian Vettel are following on place three and four. The newest Australian team member of the German 4-times-champion, won as the only not-Mercedes driver in his first season. Three victories are credited on his account and therefore he is placed ahead of Sebastian Vettel in the overall rankings for a reason. Fernando Alonso, soon to be ex-Ferrari pilot, started into this season as co-favourite. Next year, Sebastian Vettel is likely to take his place at the Scuderia. It is still a secret where Alonso will go, although various speculations arose around the globe (Williams Mercedes is seen as the hot candidate). Consequently, a lot of changes in terms of the drivers is expected during the winter break and it is to be awaited if the silver arrows are able to keep up their performance and dominate the next season as well.

Who wins the race at the Yas Marina Circuit?

The race for the title of the world champion is going down between the two dominant racers of this season. Hamilton or Rosberg: Who will stand on top of the stairs? If Lewis Hamilton wins the last race, or is the runner-up, no one can contest his title “World Champion 2014”. However, if his German team member, Nico Rosberg, wins and Hamilton is not classified better than place three, Nico Rosberg wins his first title. The bookmakers at Rivalo have set following odds for the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi: If Lewis Hamilton wins his 11th race, an odd of 1.90 is offered. An odd of 2.20 is offered for the sixth season victory of Nico Rosberg. A remarkable odd is set for the first chasers of the world rankings. If Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing) or Valteri Bottas (Williams Mercedes) win in Abu Dhabi, an odd of 22.00 is offered. Only limited chances are given to last years’ dominator Sebastian Vettel. A victory of the 4-times-champion from Germany offers a top-odd of 35.0. While the chances are rather low for him to win, he will definitely be placed in the top three, which offers an odd of 3.70. Do you already see Fernando Alonso standing on one of the three podium finish, then your stake is multiplied by a factor of 6. Place your bets on your favourite!

Odds for the Formula One champion 2014…

For the last race, the bookmakers at Rivalo have newly assessed the odds for the world-champion 2014: In case of Lewis Hamilton’s title win, an odd of 1.22 is offered. If Nico Rosberg snatches the title from under Hamilton’s nose, the odd is set at 4.20.
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