Germany or Argentina – who will win the World Cup 2014?

After 63 games, many goals and emotional moments, the all-deciding match will take place on Sunday in Brazil: the final match between Germany and Argentina in the legendary Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro.
Especially due to the performance shown by the German squad in the match against the host Brazil, the bookmakers at Rivalo see the team of Jogi Löw ahead in the World Cup Winner bet. Accordingly, the fourth world cup title of the Germans offers an odd of 1.60, the win of the third title of Argentina offers an odd of 2.30.
This final is the eighth final for the German team and the fifth for the team of Argentina. The two teams have already played against each other in previous World Cup finals in 1986 in Mexico and 1990 in Italy and while the Albiceleste won the first game with the outstanding Diego Maradona, the second time the team of Franz Beckenbauer triumphed. Argentinean media already calls the upcoming final the revenge for the lost final in 1990 at the Olympic stadium in Rom, which was full of abrasiveness and finally decided by a debatable penalty kick….
Taking a closer look at the way to the finals of both teams, not a lot of parallels could be found. The German team started with a convincing 4:0 against Portugal and humiliated the host Brazil with a 7:1 win, however, also faced some difficulties during the other games. This is especially true for the round of sixteen match against Algeria, where the Löw-team showed a rather shaky performance and only decided the match in the extra time, and the group stage match against Ghana, where the Germans had difficulties as well.
The Gauchos, on the other hand, did not show a convincing performance in any of their games, however, showed impressive efficiency – all of their games, apart from the semi-finale, were won with only one goal ahead and whenever the situation became a bit dicey, Lionel Messi was on the spot. In the semi final, which was characterized by tactical considerations and the motto “Just don’t let the other team score”, Messi and Co. only won the penalties against the almost exclusively defensive Dutch, however, scored all of their penalty kicks with confidence and Sergio Romero proved that the team is kept grounded between the post as he stopped two of the Dutch penalties.
Besides the fact that both teams have a defence that can maintain a score and is disciplined in tactical terms, the two teams are considerably different. While the German team puts the collective forward and subordinates a lot to the game system itself, the Argentinean team pin’s their hopes on Lionel Messi, who enjoys complete freedom in tactical terms and is seen as the actual team coach. Nevertheless, Argentina is not only FC Messi, but also has numerous players, which all have international appeal, for example the chief strategist Javier Mascherano, Gonzalo Higuain, who is always ready to score and lightning fast winger Angel di María, who is likely to miss the final due to an injury.
The bookmakers at Rivalo see the Löw-team ahead and consequently the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina offers the following odds: Win Germany 2.25, a draw offers 3.20 and the victory of Argentina offers an odd of 3.50. (All odds are valid for the score after 90 minutes).
Third title for Argentina or the fourth one for Germany – who will triumph in the Maracanã on Sunday?
In the shadow of the big final in Rio, the play-off for third place between Brazil and the Netherlands will take place in Brasilia on Saturday. Both teams are not really excited about this match between the “losers of the semi final” and while the FIFA is continuously trying to raise the importance of this match, the coach of the Dutch team Louis van Gaal has already made his point when he announced that in his opinion this play-off should not be happening at any further World Cup anymore.
While the Oranje do not really have anything at stake in this game, the Brazilians will definitely take this one seriously. After the horrendous loss in the semi final, which led the whole country into the valley of tears, it is to be expected that the Seleção will try their best to rehabilitate a little bit and bring their country a halfway forgiving outcome of the world cup in their own country.
This fact was taken into consideration by the bookmarkers of Rivalo when the odds for the game between Brazil and the Netherlandswere set. The victory of Brazil offers an odd of 2.25, a draw 3.70 and a win of the Dutch offers an odd of 3.00. (All odds are valid for the result after 90 minutes).
Brazil or the Netherlands – who will win third place at this year’s World Cup?