Kick-Off Primera División 2014/2015

On Saturday, August 23 at 7pm, the game between FC Malaga and Atheltic Bilbao kicks-off the 84th playing period of the Spanish elite-division. Already on Tuesday and Friday last year’s champion Atlético Madrid and last season’s “Copa del Rey”-winner Real Madrid will face each other in the Spanish Supercopa. The first national title of this season 2014/2015 will therefore definitely go to a team from Madrid….
Unsurprisingly, the two teams from Madrid are also placed in the top three of the Champions bet of the Primera Divisón 2014/2015 at Rivalo. The Royals from Madrid, who again dug deep into their pockets in order to strengthen their team with various protagonists of this year’s World Cup in Brazil like James Rodríguez, Toni Kroos and Keylor Navas, offer a leading odd of 1.85. Their eternal rival from Barcelona that does not only have a new coach, Luis Enrique, who used to play for both teams, but also signed the top scorer of the English Premier League, the notorious Luis Suarez, commonly known as “the biter”, follows them with an odd of 2.15
After this record-transfer of the Catalans for estimated 80 Million Euros, the three superstars of the leading South-American football nations Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez are now all playing at FC Barcelona. Already a bit further behind in the champions bet lies the current Campéon de España Atlético Madrid, whose successful title defence offers a remarkable odd of 13.0. The Colchoneros, who were able to break the duumvirate of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for the first time after ten years, however, had to let two cornerstones of the champions-team, top striker Diego Costa as well as goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, go. While Costa was replaced with a nearly equal alternative, Mario Mandzukic from FC Bayern Munich, the bookmakers at Rivalo doubt that the Rojiblancos are able to be on par with the two giants of the Spanish football, who have further strengthened their teams.
While the title defence of the Rojiblancos from Madrid is not completely impossible, the other Spanish teams are very unlikely to win this year’s championship, which is reflected in the odds of the champion’s bet of the Primera División 2014/2015.
Consequently, the victory of FC Valencia, whose title in 2004 was the last one that did not go to Madrid or Barcelona, offers a remarkable odd of 100. If, however, Atlético Bilbao, that further builds on their fully Basque pedigree and is the only club besides Real Madrid and FC Barcelona that has always been present in the major league, wins their first title since 1984, Rivalo offers an odd of 150. If the current European League winner FC Sevilla will be the champion at the end of this season, the stakes will be multiplied by a factor of 200. The bookmakers at Rivalo do not grant the remaining teams any chances of this year’s championship title.
But football is not only about the title, but also about the relegation. In Spain, the relegation battles are usually more entertaining due to the fact that much more teams are involved than in the title race, which is usually dominated by two clubs, although a third team might join from time to time like Atlético Madrid last season.
This season the panel of possible relegation candidates includes almost half of the teams of the Primera División, including the three promoted teams of FC Cordoba, Deportivo La Coruña and SD Eibar.
While Deportivo La Coruña won the Spanish championship in 2000 and played already twice in the semifinals of the Champions League, the Andalusians from Cordoba return to the major league after 42 years. SD Eibar, the team from Basque province, on the other hand, is a rather unique case. The club from the small town with 30.000 inhabitants, who will hold its games of the Primera Divisón in the Estadio Municipal that only has room for 5000 fans, made it into the Primera División without a big budget. The broad sympathies of the Spanish football fans will therefore definitely lay on the side of the Basque, especially when the teams play against the clubs from Madrid or Barcelona…
We here at Rivalo hope that the Primera División 2014/2015 will be as thrilling as last year’s season. Of course you can find anextensive betting offer for all games of the Primera División with attractive odds here at Rivalo. Place your bet on your favourite!