The Quarterfinal at the World Cup 2014

Further eight teams had to pack their bags in Brazil and only 8 out of 32 teams have made it to the quarterfinal and can continue to dream of the title of world champion 2014. These eight teams, which all came first in their groups, including the big surprise Cost Rica, are certainly preparing themselves intensively for the most important matches of this year now and will face each other from Friday onwards in the quarterfinal of the WC 2014. As only Columbia could fully convince fans and experts with their performance shown in the round of sixteen, the odds for the World Cup 2014 Winner bet slightly changed. Brazil is still the leader with an odd of 3.70, followed by Germany, which offers an odd of 4.80 and Argentina with 5.0. At the other end of the odd spectrum you can find Costa Rica with an odd of 70 and Columbia, which offers an odd of 12.0.
Fans saw some great goals during the round of sixteen and even greater emotions after the final whistle, ranging from unlimited joy to infinite sadness, especially in the two games that were decided through penalties. The whole football community and we here at Rivalo are hoping that we will see even more exciting quarterfinals including some great goals and emotional moments in Brazil. Following, we would like to discuss the upcoming matches of the quarterfinal in greater detail….
1.) France vs. Germany, July 4 in Rio de Janeiro
The first quarterfinal match will be between the two European football giants France and Germany. Both teams showed convincing performances during the group stage of this year’s World Cup, however, faced more difficulties during the round of sixteen matches than most experts expected. This is especially true for the Löw-team, who showed a poor performance including several bad passes, tactical mess and embarrassing free kicks in the match against Algeria and only won in the extra time. Also the French team had a rather bumpy start against the surprisingly strong Nigerians, however, started to boost their performance in the second half and left the lawn with two goals ahead in Brasilia.
This encounter between the German national squad and the Les Bleus will be the third one at a world cup: They first faced each other in 1958 at the world cup in Sweden in the play-off for third place, which was solely decided by Just Fontaine, who scored 4 out of 6 goals; 1982 they played against each other in the half final at the world cup in Spain, which the Germans won through penalties and which was overshadowed by the brutal foul of the German goalkeeper Toni Schumacher on the French player Patrick Battiston; Four years later at the world cup in Mexico the teams faced each other again and the Germans won 2:0 against the favoured French team around superstar Michel Platini and moved to the final, where they lost against Argentina.
While the Germans have been advancing to the half final in the course of the last four world cups, the statistic shows some interesting detail from a French point of view: The Equipe Tricolore has always either advanced to the final since 1998 or already failed at the group stage level like in 2002 and 2010. According to this statistic, the French would advance to the final in 2014 again….
…. and according to the bookmakers at Rivalo this scenario is not unrealistic. The odds for the match between France and Germanyare as follows: Win France 3.10, a draw offers an odd of 3.40 and the victory of Germany offers 2.30. The advancement of the French team to the half final offers an odd of 2.15, while the odd for Germany is 1.70.
Germany or France – who can continue to dream of the title in Brazil?
2.) Brazil vs. Columbia, July 4 in Fortaleza
The second, pure South-American quarterfinal will be between the host Brazil and Columbia at the Estádio Castelão in Fortaleaza. The Columbian team around James Rodíguez, who scored both goals during the round of sixteen against Uruguay and is the leading scorer of the World Cup 2014, is the big surprise at this year’s tournament. While it already became apparent that Columbia has a strong team that is perfectly orchestrated by their coach José Pekermanthe during the qualification for the WC 2014, not many experts expected the Cafeteros to advance to the quarter final and enthuse fans and experts with exciting offensive play, especially without their superstar Radamel Falcao.
The Brazilian Seleção, on the other hand, did not show a convincing performance in the round of sixteen again and only advanced to the quarterfinal due to a great performance of their goalkeeper Julio César during the penalties. It is now uncertain whether the stricken Neymar, who has by far shown the best performance among the Brazilian players and carries the hope of 200 million Brazilians, will be able to play in the quarterfinal. If that’s the case, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has to come up with ideas in order to compensate the loss of his top scorer and superstar…
…with or without Neymar – the statistic favors the Brazilian team as it is the first quarterfinal for Columbia in history, while the Brazilian team qualified for all quarterfinals since 1990. Comparing the teams head-to-head, the Seleção played 25 games against Columbia and won 15 times, had 8 draws and only two losses in total. But the Brazilians have to be careful as the last four matches all ended in a draw and the Columbian team has been proofing that they can challenge the Brazilian team.
The bookmarkers support these points to a certain degree as the odds for the match between Brazil and Columbia are as follows: Win Brazil 1.80, a draw offers an odd of 3.70 and the win of Columbia offers 4.40.
Seleção or Cafeteros – who will further represent South-America at this year’s World Cup?
3.) Argentina vs. Belgium, July 5 in Brasila
The only South-American-European quarterfinal at this year’s world cup will be between Argentina and Belgium at the Estádio Nacional in Brasilia.
Both teams had to go to overtime after regulation ended with the score 0-0 during their round of sixteen match and are likely to use the time until their encounter to preliminary regenerate after exhausting 120 minutes. While the Red Devils showed a strong performance especially in the offence against the USA and only had to go into extra time due to their inability to convert their chances, the Gauchos did again not really convince with their performance against the strong defence of the Swiss team and stumbled – the Swiss players missed two great opportunities during the extra time – to the quarterfinal.
Again it can be said that the Argentinean superstar Lionel Messi, who made an excellent pass to lightning fast winger Angel Di Mará, who then scored an unstoppable shot, made the difference….
The two teams have encountered each other twice before at a world cup. First they played against each other in 1982 in Spain, where the Belgium team won with a score of 1:0. Four years later they faced each other at the world cup in Mexico at the half final, which was won by Argentina due to two goals scored by Diego Armando Maradona. In the 80ies, both team consisted of the so-called “golden generation”, referring to Eric Gerets, Jan Ceulemans, Enzo Scifo or Jean-Marie Pfaff in the Berlgium team or Diego Maradona and his adjutant Jorge Valdano and Jorge Luis Burruchaga in the Argentinean one.
With regards to the current Belgium team, which is coached by Marc Wilmots, experts are talking about the new “golden generation”, which, however, is rather inexperienced. Nonetheless, the Belgium team is not called the secret favourite at this year’s WC without a reason …..
…not only secret favourite but more one of the favourites to win this year’s title of the world champion 2014 are, even with regards to the rather average performance shown up to now, the Albiceleste around Lionel Messi. This is also reflected in the odds for the quarter final between Argentina and Belgium, which are as follows: Win Argentinia 2.05, a draw offers an odd of 3.30 and a win for Belgium offers 3.70.
First half final for the Gauchos since 1990 or the first half final of the Red Devils since 1986 – who will win in Brasilia?
4.) The Netherlands vs. Cost Rica, July 5 in Salvador da Bahia
The most surprising quarterfinal of this WC 2014 at the Area Fonta Nova in Salvador will be between the Netherlands and Costa Rica.
Almost nobody expected the Ticos, who had to face three former world cup champions in the so-called group of death, to be the winner of their group and even advance to the quarterfinal. While the team gained the lead first in the match against Greece, the exclusion of one of their players made the team starting to stumble and the Greeks were able to tie the score during the overtime. During the following extra time the team of Jorge Luis Pinto showed that they are fighters and were able to move into the penalties with one player less. The players of Cost Rica showed mental strength and scored all of their penalty kicks and goalkeeper Keylor Navas stopped the kick of Gekas, which made the advancement of Costa Rica to their first quarterfinal in history possible.
The Dutch have already played in quarterfinals before, however, this year their advancement to the quarterfinal was rather shaky. The Oranjes started to stumble during their match against Mexico, who showed a strong performance and challenged the Dutch team, which used a rather defence tactic. The team of the Netherlands, however, could turn the tables during the last minutes and advanced to the quarterfinal instead of the dogged by bad luck Mexican team.
As this is the first match between those two countries ever, there are no statistics about it. Even without any statistics, the bookmarkers of Rivalo see the Dutch team as the clear favourite and consequently the odds for this match are as follows: Win Netherlands 1.42, a draw offers an odd of 4.50 and the victory of Costa Rica offers 8.00. The odd for the advancement of the Netherlands are 1.2 and the advancement of Costa Rica offers an odd of 4.40.
Can the Ticos continue to dream or can the Oranje still follow their dream of their first world cup title?