The top ten games of the group stage at the world cup 2014

The wait is over! The World Cup 2014 in Brazil starts on June 12 in Sao Paolo. Millions of football fans have been eagerly waiting for this day to come and we here at Rivalo are also looking forward to exciting and eventful matches. The first stage of the tournament, the group stage, consists of 48 matches and it is to be expected that all teams want to qualify themselves for the final rounds. Although all teams will do everything they can to precede to the final rounds, from an objective point of view it can be said that some of the preliminary matches will be more interesting to watch than others. Therefore, we will take a closer look at the, in our opinion, more interesting matches of the group stage at the world cup in Brazil:
1.) Brazil vs. Croatian, 12 June in Sao Paolo
The World Cup 2014 tournament will be opened by the host nation Brazil playing against Croatia on June 12 and while the kick-off match itself is already very exciting, an additional thrilling component is added as the whole Brazilian nation expects its Seleção to win their sixth world cup. This raises the question whether the team of Luis Felipe Scolari is able to withstand this enormous pressure and win the first game of the tournament in order to leverage the motivation of the team and the enthusiasm of the fans for the remaining matches. The Croatian team, however, does not want to lose their chance to proceed to the knockout stage of the tournament and will not make it an easy game for the host squad.
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2.) Spain vs. The Netherlands, 13 June in Salvador da Bahia
The match between the World Cup 2010 finalists, Spain and the Netherlands, on the second day of the tournament in Salvador da Bahia is expected to be a real stunner-match for the fans and the players. While the Spanish team reminisces the match of 2010 in Johannesburg with joy, it represented a severe defeat for the Oranjes, who are eager to return the favour this year. The match will further appeal to the emotions as the loser of this match is most likely not able to win Group B anymore, and consequently has to face the hosting team of Brazil already in the knockout stage.
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3.) England vs. Italy, 15 June in Manaus
The second match of Group D is the European classic in the middle of the Amazonas area where England plays against Italy. As it is to be expected that Uruguay wins the first match of this group against Cost Rica, both teams cannot afford to lose. If one team, however, manages to win this game, the chances for the Squadra Azurra or the Three Lions to proceed to the second stage of the tournament would significantly increase. There is a lot at stake for both of the teams and one significant success factor will be the ability of the players to cope with the climate conditions of the tropical rain forest in Manaus.
4.) Germany vs. Portugal, 16 June in Salvador da Bahia
Germany and Portugal, the two favourites in Group G, will play their first match on June 16 in Salvador da Bahia. While the German squad only has one “real” striker Miroslav Klose, who is rather injury-prone due to his advanced age, the players of the Portuguese team are still hoping for their stricken superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to be fully fit until the opening whistle. This match will definitely be filled with emotions as the winner of this match is most likely to proceed to the knockout stage, the defeated team, however, has to fear its end at the group stage. A critical factor will again be the tropical weather conditions in Salvador da Bahia, as the game starts at 1pm Brazilian time.
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5.) Argentina vs. Bosnia, 16 June in Rio de Janeiro
On the very same day, co-favourite Argentina will face the team of Bosnia in the legendary Maracana-Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Can the Albiceleste, which will be supported by more than ten thousand fans from their home country, cope with their role as favourite and convince the fans and experts with a satisfying performance in their first game? It will definitely not be an easy match for the Argentinean players as first time participant Bosnia dreams of its advancement to the knockout stage, and will therefore strive for the win. Now the question is whether the favourite or the newcomer will start with a positive result.
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6.) Switzerland vs. France, 20 June in Salvdor da Bahia
The match between Switzerland and France will already bring forward a decision in Group E on the second day. While the French team just qualified themselves for the tournament in the very last moment, the team from Switzerland did not really show a convincing performance during the past world cup test matches. Both teams, however, want to win this match in order for them to avoid a nail-biter in their last group stage matches and Argentina as an opponent in the knockout stage.
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7.) Germany vs. Ghana, 21 June in Fortaleza
The match between Germany and Ghana on June 21 in Fortaleza is probably more interesting on a personal than on an athletic level as the Boateng-brothers Jerome and Kevin-Prince will face each other for the second time during a group stage match of a world cup. Especially the Ghanaian player Kevin-Price, who has hold up previous German-captain Michael Ballack from his participation in the 2010 World Cup due to a serious foul in a precedent league game, has already heated up the emotions due to provocative statements against various German players. From an athletically point of view it can be expected that Germany will win this match, although the team from Ghana has the advantage of coping with the tropical weather conditions more easily.
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8.) Belgium vs. Russia, 22 June in Porto Alegre
The match between Belgium and Russia on June 22 in Porto Alegre will bring the preliminary decision in Group H. The Belgium team, which is coached by Marc Wilmots, is considered to be one of the secrete aspirants for the title of the world cup champion, however, is still one of the youngest and consequently most inexperienced team. The Russian team, on the other side, is hard to assess and therefore, everything has to be expected from them. Both teams, however, want to be the winner of this group, mostly to avoid the expected winner of Group G, Germany at the knockout stage. Who will win in Porto Alegre- the Sbornaja or the Red Devils? The odds for the match between Belgium and Russia can be found here.
9.) Japan vs. Columbia, 24 June in Cuiabá
The last match in Group C will be played on June 24 in Cuiabá between Japan and Columbia and it would not be surprising if this game is also a deciding match. Many Japanese players are part of various important European leagues and the Columbians were able to build a strong team in the past few years. The superstar of the Columbian team Radamel Falcao, who scored many goals during the test matches, however, will not be part of the team during the World Cup and the Japanese players still have some physical deficits compared to the European and South American squads. Consequently, fans can expect an exciting game to contest the group victory in Cuiabá.
The odds for this deciding match in Group C can be found here.
10.) USA vs. Germany, 26 June in Recife
Although the game between Germany and the United States of America in Recife is unlikely to cause any radical changes in the group table, it will definitely represent an emotional highlight at the group stage. Jürgen Klinsmann, former team coach of Germany and German international, will encounter his home country, now coached by his former assistant Jogi Löw, for the first time in his role as USA-coach. As mentioned before, at this stage it is likely for Germany to be already qualified for the knockout stage of the tournament and the US-boys to be eliminated. However, it is also possible that both teams have something at stake here and then it is likely to be a very interesting and thrilling match because there are only a few people on this planet who know the German team and Jogi Löw as well as Jürgen Klinsmann does….
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These are in our opinion the ten most interesting matches at the World Cup 2014 group stage. Of course, we would not mind other matches to go down in the history of this year’s World Cup due to extraordinary goals, great excitement levels or other special moments. You can in any case find an extensive betting offer with the usual attractive odds for all group phase matches of this year’s World Cup (and beyond) here at Rivalo.
We wish you good luck with your bets and “Viva o Brasil, via o futebol”!