Formula 1 2017

Who will be the F1 world champion 2017?

The past season was one of the most thrilling seasons ever as the decision was made in the very last race of the year. A novelty this year: the new season starts without the current world champion! Nico Rosberg announced his resignation just a few days after he has won his first world championship and will watch the new season among the audience. His former competitors Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen or Valtteri Bottas, however, will put the pedal to the metal this year again in order to win this year’s title! As usual, we will now give you a short preview of the F1 Season 2017 as well as an overview of the extensive betting offer at

12th Regulatory reform in 69 years of Formula 1

The F1 season 2017 brings along some small and bigger changes in the regulatory. First, the measurements of the F1 bolides have changed – the total width as well as the width of the tires has increased. Due to these changes the cars are about 20 km/h slower on the straight, but the speed in the curves increases by about 40 km/h, which leads to an enormous acceleration. This means that the pilots do not only have to bear up to 5g (5 times their own body weight) but also put up some resistance. Another novelty this season is the Safety-Car regulation: If a race starts behind the Safety car due to heavy rain, a standing start will follow as soon as the race is restarted. Excitement guaranteed!

Lewis Hamilton (Nr. 44) – Is he driving towards the 4th title?

During the last season (and the previous years) Lewis Hamilton’s toughest competitor Nico Rosberg was part of the same racing team – Mercedes! Although the silver arrows performed well during the first tests in Barcelona, they had to give in to Ferrari at the end. Nevertheless, the triple world champion Lewis Hamilton still has a more than competitive bolide on hand. Can Hamilton prove himself in his silver arrow in the first race and show his competitors that only he can be on top this season?

Nico Rosberg 2013

The bookmakers of Rivalo see him as the favourite and acknowledge him the best chances for the first race in Melbourne as well as the whole F1 season. At Rivalo, the odd for his Grand Prix win in Australia is 2,10 and 1,95 for the world champion title. Place your bet on Lewis Hamilton now and benefit from our top odds!

Sebastian Vettel (Nr. 5) – Will he win his first title for Ferrari?

Ferrari impressed with their speed during the test runs in Barcelona and provided headlines with their top racing times. The fastest man on the track was the German four times world champion Sebastian Vettle. According to insider information, the Scuderia is still holding back, which could also just be a trick in order to unsettle the other teams. One thing is however clear: Sebastian Vettle represents one of the biggest challengers of Lewis Hamilton. Although Vettle was often part of the leading racers last year, he was dogged by bad luck with breakdowns, causing him to verbally “explode” on the pit radio. He pointed out that the driver’s adrenaline is often really high during the race and asked to forgive his emotional outbursts.

Short and simple: Sebastian Vettle is fired up for his first title for and with Ferrari. His competitors will definitely notice that right from the first training onwards. The bookmakers at Rivalo see Vettle as the first chaser of Lewis Hamilton and allocate him with the remarkable odd of 4,70 for the world championship title and an odd of 4,30 for the Grand Prix win in Melbourne, Australia.

Valtteri Bottas (Nr. 77) – Surprise man as world champion?

The Finn Valtteri Bottas counts as one of the biggest talents in the Formula One and could cause the one or another surprise as Rosberg’s successor. He has an almost uncatchable competitor in his own team – Lewis Hamilton – , but who knows what the Mercedes newcomer is able to do once it is getting serious – maybe already in Down Under? Rank 8 for Williams in 2016, one podium finish in Canada and a lot of good actions qualified him for the open spot in the team of Mercedes and so he can now show what he is made of as soon as he has a seat in one of the best cars of the Formula 1. Valtteri Bottas’ win in Melbourne as well as his overall title win have an odd of 6,00. Is Bottas your new world champion?

Max Verstappen (Nr. 33) & Daniel Ricciardo (Nr. 3) – Does Red Bull really give you wings?

When talking about title contender in the Formula One, one cannot forget the Red Bull Racing Team. The two pilots have demonstrated their skills a couple of times during the past years and will definitely not hold back this year – the fans of the Formula 1 can count on that! Last year, Verstappen drew the attention towards him with some impetuous actions, so it remains to be seen if his driving talent will be discussed this season or if the one or another incident will cause headlines.

A totally different story is Dani Ricciardo. An excellent driver in an excellent car: this combination could bring back the title of the world championship to Red Bull. The bookmakers at Rivalo see both of them as promising candidates in the race for the world championship as well as for the win of the first Grand Prix of the year in Melbourne: Both, Verstappen’s as well as Ricciardo’s win of the Grand Prix have an odd of 10,0. If one of those two should be the world champion at the end of the season, you get your bet times 9 back for a world champion Verstappen and times 10 for Ricciardo’s world champion title! So, do not waste any time and place your bet on your favourite!

Formula 1 Drivers World Championship 2017 – the odds at Rivalo:  

  • Lewis Hamilton 1,95
  • Sebastian Vettel 4,70
  • Valtteri Bottas 6,00
  • Max Verstappen 9,00
  • Daniel Ricciardo 10,0
  • Kimi Raikkonen 10,0
  • Fernando Alonso 150
  • Felipe Massa 150
  • Carlos Sainz Jr. 500
  • Lance Stroll 500
  • Stoffel Vandoorne 750
  • Nico Hulkenberg 1000
  • Kevin Magnussen 1000
  • Romain Grosjean 1000
  • Sergio Perez 1000
  • Daniil Kvyat 1000
  • Esteban Ocon 1000
  • Jolyon Palmer 1000
  • Marcus Ericsson 2000
  • Pascal Wehrlein 2000

We wish you a lot of exciting races in the Formula 1 season 2017 and a lot of fun and success with you bets at Rivalo! No matter if live bets, long-term bets, combination bets or system bets – there is something for everyone!