Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Sports Betting

Ice Hockey is a team sport that is played with 5 field players and one goalkeeper on an approximately 60m long and 30m wide ice surface. Goal of the game is to net the puck, a small hard rubber disc.

One of the best ice hockey leagues of the world is the North-American National Hockey League (NHL/USA and Canada). The teams from Europe including the teams of Sweden, Russia and Germany, however, don’t have to hide…At Rivalo you cannot only find bets for the national leagues but also an extensive selection of bets for the Ice Hockey World Championship. USA vs. Canada or Russia vs. the USA, the classics of ice hockey don’t leave anyone cold. What team will push through? Place your bets on your favourite!

Attention all ice hockey fans! Rivalo offers betting on all games from the biggest leagues in the world, round for round with excellent odds. Included in our betting line-up are all games from the following leagues: DEL, NHL, KHL, NLA, EBEL and many more. Don’t forget competitions at the annual Spengler Cup in Switzerland, which have been held since 1923 in Davos, the IHFF World Championship and the Euroleague. Ice hockey is one of the fastest sports and inspires people all over the world. The score can change any second. You want to place bets while watching? You can use our LIVE BETTING(IN-PLAY) service! Here you can follow odds changes as you watch and bet the game while the match is still live. You’re guaranteed to experience more excitement and have fun until the final buzzer.

Rivalo has much more than 3-way betting on offer. Our customers also have the opportunity to bet by period, handicap (spread), totals, goal bets and so on. Here you will find everything your heart desires!