Rugby Sports Betting

Rugby, also called Rugby Football, originated in England together with football and is a sport where it is allowed to kick the ball with your foot as well as to take it in the hand. While a throwing pass is only allowed backwards, a kick can be performed in any direction. Goal of this game is to get behind the opponent’s defending line and score points. In contrast to American Football, players hardly wear any protective clothing. They are only required to wear a teeth protector and some players wear soft leather caps in order to protect their head. Rugby is especially popular in parts of the British Commonwealth and in the countries of the southern hemisphere. The leading nations in rugby are New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina in the southern hemisphere plus France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy in Europe. Even in the oceanic countries of Fiji, Samoa and Tonga Rugby has become the national sport. At Rivalo you can find all big tournaments like the Rugby-Six-Nations-Tournament, attractive odds and an extensive betting offer.