Winter Sports

Winter Sports Betting

Winter sports include everything that is performed on snow or ice. A further division of these sports are the alpine and northern division. The alpine skiing world cup for example includes all skiing races of the FIS (International Ski Federation). This includes downhill skiing, Super-G, giant slalom and the men’s and women’s slalom and of course the competitions in the snowboard category. The northern division includes Biathlon, Ski jumping, cross-country ski run and Nordic combined (combination of ski jumping / cross-country ski run). Further winter sports include snow tubing in an artificial or natural ice rink, the competitions in the two-man and four-man bobsled or the ice speed skating sprints up to 10.000m. At Rivalo you can find an extensive and appealing betting offer with top odds and a great selection of possibilities for all above-mentioned competitions. Will Lara Gut bring the big crystal ball to Switzerland? Is Simon Amman able to win the Four Hills Tournament or will Didier Defago win the big downhill skiing classic in his last season? Questions upon questions; Give an answer and place your bets on your favourites at