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Features & Updates

JULY 2018 Web & Mobile – Game Notifications for favorite Events After placing a bet or adding a game to their favourites, users will receive notifications about red cards, goals, sets, etc.. Please make sure to allow Chrome notifications for rivalo.com Web – Browser Tab notifications Users will be notified in the browser tab about the following events: New inbound … Continue reading Features & Updates

Volleyball – History & Informations

What has initially started with not letting the ball touch the floor in 1895 in Massachusetts has become one of the most popular ball sports worldwide. Due to the volleying nature of the game, the game, originally called “Mintonette”, became known as Volley Ball (originally spelled as two words). On a court that is separated by a net, six players … Continue reading Volleyball – History & Informations

Handball – History, Tournaments & Sportsbetting

While the Greeks and Romans have already played handball-like games in the ancient times, the way handball is known today developed between the late 19th to the beginning of the 20th century from various ball sports like net- or basketball. Starting from this, a game, where balls were thrown towards goals with the hand, developed. The first regulatory for the … Continue reading Handball – History, Tournaments & Sportsbetting

Tennis: News, Information & History

Melbourne, London, Paris and New York? What do all these four cities have in common? They are all venues of the most important tournaments in one of the most popular sports category. If grass, carpet, clay, or hardcourt: Everywhere it’s serve, topspin, longline, lob, overhead smash – game, set and match! The tennis ball bounces everywhere! Tennis is not just … Continue reading Tennis: News, Information & History